Texas Instruments stunned the media this morning when it suggested that it wants to move away from investing in wireless products to instead build chips for other tech sectors. Reuters first reported on the chipmaker’s change of heart.

“We believe that [the wireless] opportunity is less attractive as we go forward,” TI senior vice president of embedded processing said this morning. As such, the company will stop focusing on tablet and smartphone support moving forward. That’s pretty wild news, considering that TI’s OMAP processors are currently used in tons of consumer electronics. Barnes & Noble’s brand new Nook HD and Nook HD+, which were announced this morning, are powered by Texas Instrument’s OMAP chips. So what will TI focus on instead?

Reuters said the company is interested in catering to carmakers and other industrial markets where it sees greater growth. While it believes that embedded applications for its chips will ultimately show slower growth, it thinks that the move will be more valuable in the long haul.

[via Reuters]