It's been almost two years since we first heard that Tetris could become a live-action movie. Now the 1980s video game may actually be adapted into a sci-fi thriller with filming set to start next year.

Deadline reports that Threshold Global Studios, which is based in both the U.S. and China, is moving forward with plans after securing $80 million in funding. Filming will take place in China with a Chinese cast, and the studio apparently has plans for a full trilogy of movies.

Producer Larry Kasanoff claims this isn't just another nostalgia-based cash grab. "[It's] not at all what you think," he told Deadline, "it will be a cool surprise."

We're still a little suspicious, but Threshold has plenty of time to prove us wrong. It could be a few years before Tetris actually hits theaters, and by then we may feel a little more comfortable with the concept of movies based on popular repetitive video games.