tetris-linkTetris Link is a new strategy board game from Ideal that is either going to be brilliant, or really, really stupid.

Premiering at the International Toy Fair this week in New York City, the new Tetris Link tabletop strategy game from Techno Source continues the brand name of the famous Russian game, but in a real world variation.

In this new game players choose a color and then get a set of Tetriminos (the blocks) in their color.  You then take turns dropping them into the playing field trying to link three of your own pieces, or opting to block your opponent.  You score a point each time you can link three of your blocks, and also for blocking.  Players do, however, lost points for leaving gaps in the board.

“Tetris is one of the most recognized, most played, and most loved games in the world,” says Eric Levin, president, Techno Source. “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Tetris brand to offer a new tabletop strategy game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you love playing the Tetris video game, you will love this new strategy game!”

The game is set to retail for $19.99 and will include one hundred Tetriminos, a die for taking turns and the playing board.

Yes folks, it’s Connect Four for the modern age essentially.  Having worked in the 1990’s as a journalist covering the toy industry, you would constantly see companies trying to shoe horn in proven brands into product categories that just don’t make sense.  This is one of those times.  I’m all for a good board game, but wouldn’t it be easier to just go and play one of the zillion versions of Tetris that everyone already seems to own?  Perhaps people will love it, but my money is on they won’t.

What say you?  Any interest in playing Tetris with little plastic pieces?