Apple quietly released new updated MacBook Pros earlier this week with a number of upgrades, including new processors, higher capacity RAM (32GB), SSD storage (4TB). One of the bigger changes is that the keyboards are supposedly quieter than the previous second generation butterfly keyboards that had a tendency for being very loud.

Naturally, this is one of the things people want to put to the test right away.

In audio tests of the new third generation and the second generation butterfly keyboard, the difference is surprising. The new version does a better job of muting the loud clacking the old version was known for. It’s almost as if the keyboard muffles the sounds through some engineering Apple did.

However, the difference isn’t revolutionary. The new keyboard still has an audible feedback, so it isn’t like it’s dead silent now. It should be an improvement in an office environment where the loud clacking of the old keyboard could be easily heard by co-workers, but for the person typing on it, there will still be feedback.

Apple may have improved its keyboard in reducing the loudness it emits, but it did not improve its overall design, which means its durability will still be an issue. The first and second generation butterfly keyboards experienced common issues with keys dying or double pressing due to dust build up. It became such a problem that Apple launched a repair program for the keyboard. Yet Apple did not address the issue with the new keyboards.

At least they’re quieter now.