New iPad heat test - WiredSure the new iPad runs a little warmer than its older brother, but it sounds like the issue is being blown way out of proportion. On the heels of multiple reports suggesting the device is too hot to handle, including one from Consumer Reports, Wired investigated that matter by performing tests of its own. The result? Both the Asus Transformer Prime and Amazon Kindle fire ran hotter than Apple’s latest iPad. No wonder Apple said there’s nothing to worry about.

Wired cross-tested the new iPad against five other tablets using Dead Space as a barometer, a game that’s taxing on both the processor and graphics engine. Results revealed that, after 30 minutes of use, the iPad’s back-panel plateaued at 94 degrees, well short of the 116 degrees reported by Consumer Reports.

In comparison to the competition, the new iPad’s heat issue doesn’t seem so bad. After playing Dead Space on the Transformer Prime for 30 minutes, Asus’ tablet reached 98.5 degrees. On the Kindle Fire, following the same test, the device topped off at 96.5 degrees.

In a separate test, however, the new iPad did reach 108 degrees while running Infinity Blade 2 for 45 minutes — that’s still lower than what Consumer Reports recently found. Keep in mind, too, that the device was only able to reach such a high temperature while it was plugged in.

So what does this tell us? The new iPad can get hot, but not hot enough to burn someone’s hand. According to Dr. Jeffery Deweese, who works at the Bothin Burn Unit at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, the 116 degree reading recorded by Consumer Reports “isn’t going to burn anyone on contact and “shouldn’t be of any concern.”

[via Wired]