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Being a geek is about more than just knowing the difference between hardware and software. That’s not to say that knowledge isn’t important. In fact, this special niche often demonstrates an extreme grasp of logic, facts and especially specs. But that alone doesn’t cut it — otherwise there’s no difference between a geek and a soulless encyclopedia, or the textbooks that fill their shelves.

No, there’s more to it than that. To be a geek is to be knowledgeable and passionate, to proudly harbor a deep enthusiasm for all things tech. It’s an attitude. A way of life. These people don’t just have the geek factor, they rock it — like a badge of honor.

It’s a selective group, one with even more cachet as time goes by. To find out if you’re a member or not, hit up the short quiz below. Then compare your percentage with the scoring section at the bottom.

UPDATE: Apologies to anyone who had trouble seeing their results. The issue should be resolved now! 

100% — Geek Master: You’re the kind of geek that geeks look at and think, “Wow, I totally bow to your Geek Fu.” You’ve mastered every other level below, and your knowledge is vast, as is your patience — dealing with non techie types would infuriate you if you weren’t so Zen about it. You work in phrases like “processing power,” “RAM upgrade,” “the last time I hung out with Woz, he said” into everyday conversation.

80–90% — Wizard of Geek Speak: While you still have a little further to go, you regularly wow “commoners” with your impressive knowledge — from hardware/software to industry buzz. You are fluent in the Geek speak, and really only Geek Masters would know you’re not quite one of them… yet. But you’re very close to joining this level.

60–70% — Member of the Geek Guard: You have a favorite/preferred platform, and you’d defend it to your last breath… unless, of course, the company stops caring about the direction and quality of its hardware/software. Your training isn’t complete, but you avidly seek out new information to flesh out what you’ve already learned. Your heroes are tech bloggers, company founders and inventors, and you regularly sleep with at least one or two gadgets in or near your bed at night.

50–60% — Apprentice Geek: You clearly have the passion to take it all the way, but you still have much to study. You’d make an excellent minion, training at the heels of a Geek Master or Wizard. Continue on, and your destiny in one of the upper two strata of Geekdom is immutable…that is, if you accept the challenge.

40% or below: Geeklet: You’re clearly interested in consumer technology, and you’ve been around enough to know a few things, but you don’t really identify yourself as a geek (although you do admit to “geeking out” over certain things). That’s okay, not everyone’s perfect.

So how’d you do? Are you an Apprentice, Wizard, Master or other? And do you have your own benchmarks that help you identify geeks from among the masses? Tell us what you think qualifies a person as a “geek” in your eyes.