The much-talked about electric semi truck Tesla has been teasing will be announced next month.

And according to a new report from Reuters, it will feature a range between 200-300 miles. Tesla will unveil a prototype of the truck next month, although a specific date has not been announced.

Specific details about the truck come from Scott Perry, an executive of Ryder System Inc., who revealed that truck “will be capable of traveling the low end of what transportation veterans consider to be ‘long-haul’ trucking.” It sounds as if he has intimate knowledge of the truck.

Tesla isn’t shy about admitting its ultimate goal of revamping industries. It already started with the auto industry, and now it wants to do the same with semi trucks. Tesla CEO Elon Musk opened up back in June during a shareholder’s meeting that it was gathering information form the trucking industry.

Questions still linger about how potent the battery can be. Current big rigs can travel up to 1,000 miles on diesel fuel. If the 200-300 reported range is the cap, it’s just a third of a modern rig’s distance. It’s yet to be seen if Tesla can match the range of diesel engines with its electric designs.

“Tesla’s policy is to always decline to comment on speculation, whether true or untrue, as doing so would be silly. Silly!” read Tesla’s response to the Reuters report.

Earlier this month, Reuters also reported that Tesla was working on including self-driving features in its truck. Tesla is continuing to push its self-driving technology in other vehicles beyond its electric sedans and SUV in an industry where its impact will be huge.