Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said the automaker plans to unveil a semi truck this fall. Musk announced the news via Twitter, also adding the company's next generation Roadster will be a convertible.

For anyone who closely follows Tesla, the idea of the automaker introducing a semi truck isn't a surprise. This is actually in addition to a pickup truck Tesla has planned, which Musk said will officially be unveiled in the next 18 to 24 months.

Musk's announcement comes in the midst of Tesla's Model 3 frenzy, which is slated to hit the road at the end of 2017. The CEO actually said the final version of the Model 3 would be shown off this summer, so Tesla will be incredibly busy over the next several months.

Getting into long-haul trucking makes sense for Tesla, especially as it looks to become the industry's top manufacturer for autonomous vehicles. Automakers such as Mercedes have already jumped into the semi-autonomous truck field, and Tesla appears ready to make the market much more competitive.

On Twitter, Musk said Tesla's semi truck is "seriously next level."

We'll have more details when Tesla unveil the semi truck in September.