Maybe Tesla won’t fall too far behind on Model 3 pre-orders after all. The company revealed a bit of a surprise in an investor note following earnings on Wednesday evening. In it, it said it’s planning to build three new Gigafactories.

Tesla’s first Gigafactory is in Nevada where the company is planning to begin small batch manufacturing of the Model 3 and other components, such as battery fuel cells. Tesla said it will decide locations for Gigafactories 3, 4 and “possibly 5” sometime later this year. The second Tesla Gigafactory was identified as the company’s New York-based solar plant.

No word on when

The additional factories, and keep in mind we don’t have any word on when Tesla plans to break ground on these or when they might open, could drastically improve Tesla’s automobile manufacturing output. One of its shortcomings has been its lack of ability to deliver new cars on time, which is why some Model 3 pre-orders may not ship until years from now.

It’s not easy for a company to scale overnight, but Elon Musk has already proved he’s capable of doing what was once thought previously impossible. A couple of extra factories should be a cakewalk.