One of our favorite automative companies is again dominating headlines: stock prices are up, and the company is introducing new services to ensure complete 100 percent customer satisfaction. When Tesla founder Elon Musk isn't re-defining the space industry, donating personal funds to improve highways, or building an e-commerce empire, the man is revolutionizing how we drive.

By replacing engines with motors, Tesla has created an electric superpower that's scooping up awards left and right. The company's Model S, which is capable of going up to 270 miles on a single charge, is currently its flagship vehicle, and interest surrounding the car, good and bad, is increasing everyday. To further standout from the crowded automotive market, Elon Musk has promised the industry new announcements every few weeks, and we got one at the end of April.

Car ownership has its pros and cons, and nothing is worse than the experience of taking your car to a dealer for service—driving there after work, maybe get a loaner, wait for it to get fixed, etc. With Tesla, the company has promised the best possible service and warranty system. Not only will drivers get a fully loaded Model S loaner, but Tesla will bring it to you, whether you're at work or at home.

Tesla isn't afraid to take risks, but with those risks come plenty of rewards. Elon Musk, too, isn't afraid to put his reputation on the line, or his money where his mouth is. And with Tesla, the man is changing the relationship between car/driver and company/consumer.

Elon Musk and his charge for cleaner and better vehicle technology is just getting started, but we'll be hearing about Tesla for many years to come, especially as the company improves its business model. I'd venture to say this definitely isn't the last time TechnoBuffalo's Driven will talk about the company.