Tesla head Elon Musk has been busy building up hype for the Model Y, the company’s next electric vehicle, for over a year now, and he continued the never ending tease with a new image of the car. Musk unveiled the teaser image during Tesla’s conference call, showing the front silhouette of the compact utility vehicle.

It closely resembles the image of the Model Y released last year, mostly showing off the curves of the car. In the new image, we see a more stout front grill compared to other Tesla vehicles. The Model Y seems to borrow inspiration from cars like the BMW X6 and Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe, botch of which have imposing front ends.

Given this is a teaser image, Tesla did keep some natural design flair with the windshield glass standing very flat. That likely won’t be kept in the final production model due to safety regulations, but it is a cool design nonetheless.

During the unveiling of the image, Musk joked about possibly not including leather or even a steering wheel. Tesla has been vigorously pushing a completely autonomous future with its Autopilot program, though it has run into some issues of late. This latest comment continues Tesla’s stance on a driverless future.

Aside from that, not much else could be ascertained from the image. Musk has previously stated the Model Y will come with the same Falcon Wing doors found in the Model X, but we can’t see that far back in the image.

Musk went on to confirm that Tesla will unveil the Model Y in 2019, coinciding with his comments that it would begin production in 2020.