tesla charging station

About a year ago, New Jersey gave Tesla the boot, blocking the company from selling its electric cars from privately-owned stores. Now Elon Musk and co. are finally returning to the Garden State thanks to a new law signed by Governor Chris Christie on Wednesday.

The law doesn't give Tesla free reign in New Jersey. The company is allowed just four stores across the state, where it will sell vehicles straight to its customers. Still, it's a pretty big deal after Tesla got pushed our of the region last year by a coalition of car dealerships.

The issue boiled down to Tesla's unique sales strategy. Instead of simply offering its Model S alongside other cars on a regular lot, the company operates its own stores with specially trained sales representatives. Musk says this setup is necessary, since Tesla's product is so different from its competition.

Similar bans, which outlaw any direct sales between car-maker and customer, also block Tesla from operating in Arizona, Texas and Michigan. After Wednesday's decision, New Jersey residents will once again be able to buy a car from the company without leaving the state, though the battle is still far from over.