Tesla just launched the Model X last week, but CEO Elon Musk is already teasing the company’s future products. In a series of quickly deleted tweets spotted by TechInsider, Musk revealed potential plans for an upcoming Model Y and a more affordable version of the Model X.

Musk discussed the Model Y while responding to a question on Twitter about the upcoming Model 3. The sedan-style vehicle is expected to cost around $35,000 when it launches in 2017. When asked if the car would pack falcon doors like the Model X, Musk noted that this feature would be included in either the Model 3 or the unannounced Model Y.

That suggests Tesla’s Model Y could be a similarly affordable car with a few key differences compared to the Model 3. However, the fact that Musk quickly deleted the tweet means it’s still not a done deal. The company could cancel internal plans for a Model Y without ever making an official announcement.

Soon afterwards, Musk responded to another question asking if the company will offer a cheaper 70D version of the Model X. Tesla apparently plans to sell a more affordable version of the electric SUV, though likely not for another year. The carmaker currently offers its 70D Model S for as little as $75,000, and the Model X is expected to cost roughly $5,000 more than that.

Again, Musk deleted his tweet, suggesting these plans are up in the air as well. Still, it seems pretty likely Tesla will offer a slightly more affordable version of the Model X once it can meet the initial rush of pre-orders and early adopters.