The Model X is a polarizing car, I get that. Some are in love with a sloped design and futuristic (if not sometimes clunky) Falcon Wing doors. Others, my wife included, swear it looks like a minivan and have a hard time seeing the utility of doors that open upwards. As the owner of a Model X 75D for coming up on a year, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Despite that, it’s still the best car I’ve ever driven.

The story with the X begins and ends with it’s double-hinged Falcon WIng doors (don’t call them Gullwing, super different). They draw more attention, stares, and questions than most supercars and for good reason, it creates a silhouette unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When I first took delivery, the opening was slow and often clumsy. But subsequent software updates (part of the beauty of owning a Tesla) have drastically improved them to point of extreme usability.

My two back seats (I have the six-seater) are always occupied by child seats, and the butts of my 4 and 1.5-year-old. Getting kids in and out of this car is what it’s made for, No weird contorting of backs to get them in. Just walk up and place them in. If you don’t have kids, I recognize this will mean nothing to you, but for those that do, you know the strain this convoluted dance can have on your back.

Our garage is on the tighter side (as you’ll see in the video) and still the doors open up fully and with ease. My early fear of them hitting something have been put to rest. They have never hit anything, and the software and sensors err on the side of being overly cautious. Even in parking structures with large overhead beams, the doors navigate them with aplomb. I don’t know how well they will hold up over the years, but hey, it’s a 3-year lease.

Other big concerns I had was the all-white vegan interior. Again, with kids, getting a white interior seems foolhardy. Elon and co. claimed it was the most durable of their interiors and I took them at their word. Turns out, after about 10 months of wearing jeans almost every day and having everything from applesauce to goldfish ground into them, they still look almost brand new.

The car isn’t perfect. Even with the air suspension the ride is still too stiff, and autopilot, while incredible, can be squirrely, and, of course, I wish the range was longer. These are minor quibbles from an incredible ride.

This was just a quick summary. Give the video review a watch. I go into way more detail on autopilot, the doors, the seats, the configuration I have and much more. I hope you enjoy, we had a blast making this one happen.

Thanks to Anker and their PowerCore II Slim 10000 for making this video possible: