Tesla’s Model X looks ready to hit the road soon. In fact, the automaker’s next car was spotted cruising on a highway near Palo Alto, California recently. The car isn’t a secret; Tesla unveiled the Model X back in 2012, and we had a chance to check it out for ourselves during CES 2015 in January.

It’s still very exciting to see a new Tesla on the roads, however, especially considering some of the delays that have faced the car, which was originally set to launch in 2014. The Model X will take everything Tesla has learned from the Model S and cram that knowledge into an SUV. It also includes some pretty stunning falcon wing doors, dual motor all wheel drive and more.

The car is disguised likely, as TechCrunch suggests, to prevent folks from seeing some final touches that Tesla might be applying to the car. The Model X is set to launch in early 2016, when we suspect we’ll start to see a whole lot more of these on the roads.