The Falcon Wing doors that come with Tesla’s Model X are pretty awesome, even if they’re also proving to be a little buggy in early models. But have you ever wondered how they actually work? Now we know thanks to a fun new video from Tesla-focused YouTube channel Trev Page.

The video offers a quick breakdown of the technology inside the Falcon Wings doors using a simplified Lego model. The key thing to realize is that the door design actually consists of two main parts. There’s the primary mechanism at the top of the door that raises it up to open the car, but there’s also a second hinge that lowers the bottom part of the door at the same time so it doesn’t scrape against the ceiling.

The main hinge features a set of red springs that provide most of the lifting force and also hold it up once it’s raised. There’s also the actuators, which help out with the lifting but mostly focus on lowering the door down to close it. Once the doors begin to rise up a pair of push-pull struts mid-way down on each door move in the opposite direction to create one seamless action. If you didn’t know to look for it, you might night notice the second hinge at all.

Check out the video above and take a closer look in the gallery above. Just don’t forget to close those Falcon Doors before you start driving.