Update: According to Tesla, after running through log reports, the Model X appears to have been operating correctly under manual control and never was in cruise control or Autopilot.  Electrek, was contacted by Tesla with this statement: 

“We analyzed the vehicle logs which confirm that this Model X was operating correctly under manual control and was never in Autopilot or cruise control at the time of the incident or in the minutes before. Data shows that the vehicle was traveling at 6 mph when the accelerator pedal was abruptly increased to 100%. Consistent with the driver’s actions, the vehicle applied torque and accelerated as instructed. Safety is the top priority at Tesla and we engineer and build our cars with this foremost in mind. We are pleased that the driver is ok and ask our customers to exercise safe behavior when using our vehicles.”

To make matters more interesting, the Model X’s owner confirmed that it was his wife that was actually driving the car but still stands firm that no accelerator was pressed: 

“My wife is a 45-year-old woman with a great driving record. Not and incapacitated driver. She has been going to that center for over 20 years and parking in the same stalls hundreds of times.
She knows the difference between brake and accelerator pedal. I am waiting to hear from Tesla whether the accelerator pedal can be depressed by the car electronically similar to gas-powered cars’ pedal being depressed on their own while in cruise control.”

Tesla’s Model X hasn’t had a very smooth launch, with early customers reporting plenty of bugs in the electric SUV’s automatic doors and self-driving driving features like Summon. Now one man claims his new Model X actually accelerated for no reason, causing what sounds like a pretty terrifying crash.

Puzant Ozbag reported the incident on Tesla’s online forums shortly after it happened in Irvine, California. He says his 5-day-old Model X was being parked when it suddenly lurched forward and accelerated at full speed, climbing over a planter before crashing into the side of a building. He adds that the deploying airbags also left some burn marks on his wife’s arm.

The damage apparently could have been even worse if the wheels hadn’t been turned slightly. If they had been facing forward, the Model X might have actually hit another person and done some serious damage.

Ozbag says he still needs to speak to Tesla about the incident. He already contacted a delivery specialist but got referred to roadside assistance. Once the company checks its logs they should be able to figure out what happened pretty quickly, but until then we won’t know who’s to blame.