The dream of seeing a Model S station wagon has persisted for years now. In fact, a company said it was going to start making them, but so far has nothing to show for it. Things were not looking great until Qwest Norfolk came in clutch with a real Model S station wagon, and it looks insane

Calling the Model S wagon a looker would be a stretch. It’s not something you want to be your daily driver, but as far as intrigue is concerned, the EV wagon certainly takes the cake. Manufactured by British company Qwest Norfolk, it took a 2015 P90D and extended the rear, adding an extra 7.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

Interestingly, the Model S actually shed 26.5 pounds because the extension was pretty much all carbon fiber. Essentially, the top part of the rear was sawed off, including part of the roof and the rear hatch. All that paneling was replaced with carbon fiber, contributing to the lighter overall frame.

To account for the longer roof, Qwest Norfolk equipped the modified Tesla with a second panoramic sunroof, reaching all the way to the back. The original rear parts, including the tail lights and bumper, were still used in the final version of the car. That’s not surprising since most of the changes came at the top

Is this something you’d be into? I’m not particularly into it, but to each their own. In case you are, Qwest Norfolk is doing the conversion, but it won’t come cheap. The modification costs $84,000 and will take up to 10 weeks to complete.