Tesla-Model-S-Signature-RedLucky customers who ordered 2012 Model S EVs will be getting their electric sedans next month, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some exciting news on the company’s blog yesterday. The souped up Model S sedan with 85kWh battery has just completed the 2-cycle EPA rating with a 320-mile range.

That’s 20 miles greater than the 300-mile range Tesla projected for the Model S prior to the test. Of course, the 2-cycle EPA test was conducted in ideal conditions (75-degrees Fahrenheit on flat roads). The EPA also conducted a 5-cycle test in which the Model S was put through its paces in cold weather with the heater on, hot weather with the air conditioning on and a high speed (over 80MPH) run with acceleration boosts. The Model S achieved a 265-mile range during the 5-cycle test, which is still better than any of its competitors.

Obviously, range is affected by many factors, but Musk says speed is the most important. According to the graph he included in his post, the Model S could exceed a 450-mile range, but that’s only if you drive at 25MPH. Model S drivers can still achieve a 400-mile range by driving between 35-40MPH, and Musk says Tesla will award the first customer to achieve a 400-mile+ range with a prize.

For more detail on the Tesla Model S, check out Elon Musk’s post here.