model-s-alpha-and-roadster_960x640_hLast time I reported any major news in the Tesla Model S specifications department, it was that the EPA had rated the 85kWh battery-equipped model with a 265-mile range via the most stringent 5-star test. Some of you asked for numbers on MPGe ratings, and now we finally have them. The Tesla Model S will offer 88 City and 90 Highway for a combined 89MPGe figure.

This resides on the low scale, as several competing models are ahead of the Model S, including the 118MPGe Honda Fit and 99MPGe Nissan Leaf. Still, when you compare the cost of electricity to filling up a conventional combustion engine, 89MPGe is still not too shabby. Financially, it’s the same thing as your gas-powered car averaging 89MPG.

The Tesla Model S does come at a price for those who crave the 265-mile range, starting at $69,900 for the base model with an 85-kWh battery and peaking at $109,050 for a Signature Model S with all the bells and whistles.