This is awesome – a hacker recently installed Gentoo Linux on the computer inside of his or her Tesla Model S,. all in the hopes of making the 17-inch screen the perfect media player. And perfect it is – the tinkerer recently published the project to Su-Tesla.Space with screenshots of the installation.

“Some details, this is running a Gentoo arm system, cross-compiled using a qemu-user chroot environment,” the Tesla owner explained. “Yes, that’s right, Gentoo, running on a Tesla. All those USE flags, CFLAGS, and optimizations are going to add speed to my car. My 5 second 0-60 will be faster than your 5 second 0-60!”

It seems that joke was actually partially serious: the goal was to make sure the Tesla’s software was running as fast as possible, complete with a full desktop environment (XFCE) and a full NetSurf browser.

Check out the full video above where you’ll see Gentoo Linux and even some movies playing right on the car’s main display.