The entry point into Tesla’s electric club is becoming a little more expensive. The automaker on Friday confirmed it plans to discontinue the 60kWh Model S, which is currently its most affordable option.

Buyers have until April 16 to decide if they want the Model S 60 or Model S 60D, so you still have a few weeks to decide. Once the options are discontinued, the entry model going forward will be the 75kWh version, which starts at $77,800.

The Model S 60 and Model S 60D actually come with a 75kWh battery, but customers can only get that extra range by unlocking the extra capacity. And when I say unlock, I mean buy. Owners of the Model S 60 had the option to upgrade the battery to 75kWh for $9,500, which could be purchased through Tesla’s smartphone app.

Here’s Tesla’s full statement about the model’s imminent demise:

One year ago, we introduced the Model S 60 kWh battery as a more affordable option to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. However, most customers ended up buying an equivalent to the Model S 75 kWh. To simplify the ordering process for our customers, we will be removing the 60 kWh option from our lineup.

Customers who want the opportunity to own a 60 kWh Model S will have until April 16, 2017 to place their order. Any 60 kWh Model S will have the ability to upgrade their battery to 75 kWh via an over the air update.

Tesla will release the Model 3

With most buyers opting to spend more money for more mileage, it makes sense the 60kWh option is being discontinued. However, it means entry into Tesla’s electric club is even more expensive. But, don’t worry, because the Model 3 is expected to launch this year.

Before state and federal tax incentives, the Model 3 will cost $35,000, which is a much more accessible figure for the masses. That’s a much friendlier price point than the nearly $80,000 you’d be spending on a 75kWh Model S.