We won’t know what Tesla’s Model 3 looks like until Elon Musk unveils its new EV in March 2016. But that hasn’t stopped renders from hitting the Web, giving us a potential glimpse at what the affordable car could look like. I’ll tell you right now, if this is anything close to the Model 3’s design, I don’t mind saying I would happily run out and buy one.

The rendering looks very much inspired by the Model S and Model X, featuring a grille-less front end and suicide door design. It looks like an amalgam of some of today’s most popular sports cars, and as Auto Blog rightly points out, there’s a clear BMW 3-series GT vibe to it.

There’s been speculation that the final design will heavily favor aerodynamics in order to achieve the promised 200+ mile range, so what you see above could have a much different rear end. The goal here is to achieve a low drag coefficient, with rumors suggesting covers over the wheels and a more tapered back.

Tesla is set to unveil the Model 3 at an event in March, where the company will likely share a more concrete release timeframe, along with more detailed stats, such as price and range.