Tesla’s affordable Model 3 isn’t expected to get an official launch until 2017, but the company may already be testing the new electric vehicle out in public. Tesla was recently spotted driving a camouflaged car in California, potentially offering a first look at the Model III.

A video of the test drive filmed by Juan del Real and posted to YouTube shows the vehicle driving in quick circles. From this distance it’s tough to say if we’re looking at Model 3 or the soon-too-launch Model X. However, he seems to think this could be the more expensive SUV.

Thankfully, a second Tesla fan was also on the scene to grab a close-up photo of the mysterious car and share it on Instagram. Brandon Kiehne seems pretty convinced this is the Model 3, and considering its smaller size we believe him. He adds that Tesla employees were very secretive, and wouldn’t offer any specifics on the electric vehicle.

Of course, it’s possible this is just the Model X out for a test drive before its launch later this year. There’s no way to know for sure, though hopefully we’ll get an official look at the Model 3 as well before too long.