Reddit user You You Xue spotted a white Model 3 at a Tesla Supercharging station in San Mateo, California, where he took the opportunity to snap some pictures. The Tesla engineer driving the car was more than willing to let other Tesla drivers gawk at the new car, and even let them peek inside.

Among the key details noted in the pictures was the vehicle’s electric range. This particular Model 3 had max range of 312 miles. That lines up with previous statements from Tesla that the Model 3 would have a range of 300 miles. The range also lines up with the 65kWh and 75kWh battery options we’ve heard about, with the 75kWh version capable of reaching a 300-plus mile range.

The images also provide us with out best look yet at the interior, specifically the non-instrument panel design. It looks really similar to previous looks we’ve had, with the left side being reserved to display important driving information. There will also be an ever-present control bar at the bottom that will lead to controls like settings, navigation system and music controls.

The Model 3 has also kept the over-simplified steering wheel that only has two circular nobs to control the display. It’s a much more minimized version of what’s found in the Model S and X right now. It will sport a sunroof design that’s more like the Model S than the Model X.

On the exterior, nothing has noticeably changed but we do get a closer look at the charging port, camera sensors and wheels. The charging port opens upwards and instead of having a glowing halo around the charging port, it features a light up Tesla logo. The mirror housing also appears to feature multiple cameras and rain sensors. This particular Model 3 was equipped with big black wheels that gave it a stealthy look.

Overall, the Model 3 looks really good. The single panel interior still looks a bit odd as well as the front without the normal car ventilation, but once the Model 3 starts making its way onto the streets, it should begin to look normal.

Tesla nor Elon Musk have announced a specific date when the final production Model 3 will be unveiled.