Tesla has had a tough time keeping up with ravenous demand for the Model 3. If you’re hoping to get one, the 400,000-person-long waitlist and production troubles will likely put that dream far into the future. That was until an early Model 3 customer put his car up for sale on Craigslist, making it possible to get the car today.

A Tesla employee from Santa Cruz, California posted the Craigslist ad selling his early production Model 3 for $150,000. Citing “unique circumstances” for the sale, he is hoping to make a sizable profit off the car. The Model 3 has just over 2,000 miles and is loaded with the 310-mile-range battery, panoramic sunroof, premium interior and all-black Aero Wheels. This particular model goes for $56,000.

Electrek, the first to spot the Craigslist posting, has verified that this is indeed a Tesla employee who works out of Monterrey. It is unclear if Tesla can block the sale of the car, but so far, the ad is still up.

Tesla has not responded to inquiries about the listing, but it has added new language to the preorder process that nixes future for-profit sales of early Model 3 cars. Here is the language Tesla added:

Because employees are receiving special priority, all Model 3 cars prioritized to employees must be registered to you or your family member and may not be resold for more than the original price. Reservation holders will agree to these terms when their order is placed.

The $150,000 price tag is nearly three times the retail price of the $56,000 model that is being sold. That clearly violates the “may not be resold for more than the original price” language Tesla has put in. The seller, for his part, does come clean about the pricing, saying, “I am not really sure how to price the car but it is in obvious demand.”

If you have some extra cash and want to skip the wait list for the Model 3, give this guy a call. Or just get a Model S, which you can buy for far less than the $150,000 asking price of the Model 3.

Update: The Model 3 Craigslist listing has since been deleted. It seems Tesla found a way to end this embarrassing situation.