Beware thieves, it’s about to get a whole lot tougher to steal Teslas.

Tesla began rolling a software update (version 2018.44) for the Model 3 that adds a number of new features, including a new anti-theft system. It’s good timing, because a few weeks ago, we reported how thieves had come up with a sophisticated way to steal Tesla cars by hijacking the key fob frequency.

Once inside the car, they were able to disable mobile access, making it impossible for the authorities to track down. The update adds a layer of security that will prevent this from ever happening. Here’s what Tesla says about the feature:

For additional security, your Tesla username and password will be required when disabling mobile access. To adjust the car’s mobile access setting, go to Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access.

To disable mobile access, drivers will be required to enter the Tesla username and password or else it can’t be done. This will make the Model 3 always trackable if it is ever stolen. It’s a small but necessary move as thieves have come up with elaborate ways to bypass previous Tesla security systems.

The other major feature is a new climate control that allows for better control of the air vents. The new Model 3 software update is making its way to owners this week.