It’s been a tough time for Floridians with the mess Hurricane Irma has been causing, but Tesla did a real solid to help out its customers affected by the storm. Many Tesla drivers with the S and X models with the 60 and 60D variants evacuating Florida over the weekend received a remote unlocking of the full 75kWh battery range to help facilitate the long trip.

Tesla sold 60 and 60D variants with a 60kWh battery range, but those models came with 75kWh battery. If the customers wanted the higher range, they could unlock it by paying a fee at a later date.

On the morning of the evacuations, some Tesla drivers began reporting that their cars had a higher range than usual. This was because Tesla pushed out an update to temporarily unlock the extra range after one Florida customer reached out to Tesla for the hook up.

According to Electrek, Tesla was reached out to by a Tesla customer in the affected area that was asking for the extra 30-mile range his car was capable of, and Tesla acquiesced to their request. The automaker went a step further by rolling out the extra mileage out to all affected Tesla customers in the area.

If a customer were to purchase the extra range, the plan would cost between $4,500 and $9,000 depending on the model.

That’s a pretty cool deed by Tesla, but also kind of scary that it possesses that kind of ability to expand, but also limit the range of one of its cars.