tesla model s driveway-L

Tesla on Friday announced a new company record. The firm said it delivered 10,030 cars during the first quarter of year, which is the most cars the company has ever put in the hands of customers during a three-month period. Tesla said that it's going to continue to publish information on how many cars it delivers moving forward, too.

Tesla's delivery figure is up from the fourth quarter of last year, when it built 11,627 vehicles but was only able to get 9,834 to customer's doorsteps. The company said at the time that customer vacations and poor weather were partially to blame, and that some of those deliveries were pushed back into Q4, which might explain part of the reason why it's a new company record.

Tesla delivered a total of 31,655 cars in all of 2014, however, and Friday's number suggests it's on its way to beat last year's performance. The reopening of stores in places like New Jersey will help, too.