It looks like Tesla may have another surprise for us later this month. The company has already confirmed its plans to debut a more affordable Model III next year, but it looks like we'll see at least one new product unveiled before then. CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter last night to tease something called "D" along with a second surprise set to debut next week on Oct. 9.

Muck doesn't offer any other details on what to expect, though recent rumors have us thinking the company could be working a smaller compact SUV. After the Internet responded to Musk's phrasing he tweeted out a second message offering another possible clue on what to expect from the Oct. 9 unveiling.

Again, there's not much to go on here, though that won't stop the Internet from speculating on what Tesla has planned. We're definitely looking forward to the company's unexpected announcement next week, and we'll be keeping an eye out for any more news on the upcoming car between now and then just in case something else leaks out.