Get your checkbooks ready, because Tesla on Wednesday announced the Model X, the company’s much-anticipated SUV, will be out next month. During Tesla’s quarterly letter to shareholders, Elon Musk said deliveries are imminent, though the automaker only expects a small number to make it off the assembly line as it continues to “fine-tune” and validate its production process.

Tesla has been very cautious about promising an exact date following a number of setbacks; the company originally planned on delivering units by the end of 2014, but that obviously didn’t happen. Even in Tesla’s letter to shareholders, Musk remains guarded, saying unforeseen issues with suppliers can severely limit production. That means only a lucky few will be driving down the street in a Model X this fall.

Both the Model X and Model S are being manufactured at the same factory, so having a shared space means things will be slow-going in the beginning. But once Tesla perfects the process, we should start seeing many more of the SUVs produced over the coming year.

“In a choice between a great product or hitting quarterly numbers, we will take the former,” Musk said. “To build long-term value, our first priority always has been, and still is, to deliver great cars.”

To view the entire quarterly letter, hit the source link below. The news comes on the heels of Tesla’s recently announced Model S P90D, which contains a Ludicrous Mode—something the Model X will come equipped with as well.