It’s no secret Tesla went through some really rough times during production of the Model 3. It got so bad, even CEO Elon Musk admitted the company was really close to dying. So, it came as a surprise when a report surfaced claiming Tesla was seeking an aggressive production schedule for the Model Y, but Tesla has come out and denied the report.

The original report from Business Insider cited internal documents and claimed Tesla was planning an overly ambitious schedule of producing upwards of 7,000 Model Y units per week at its Gigafactory 1 in Nevada by December 20, 2020. It was also aiming to have Model Y ramped up to 5,000 units per week at its Gigafactory in China by February 2021.

The ambitious plan had shades of what Tesla aimed for with the Model 3, leading to the automaker’s near-death experience.

In a statement to Electrek, Tesla said, “Timelines and information shared here are outdated,” referring to the document cited by Business Insider. That’s not to say Tesla doesn’t have an ambitious plan for the Model Y, but it’s going to taper expectations this time around, at least publicly.

The internal documents did reiterate the Model Y platform will be based on the Model 3 platform, just in the form of an SUV.

With Tesla’s current plan, it looks as though production for the Model Y will begin some time in the second half of 2020 with first deliveries arriving at some point in 2021.