Tesla finally published a long-promised blog post over the weekend detailing plans for its next major Autopilot update. Version 8.0 of the self-driving technology puts a bigger emphasis on radar, making it possible to look around some obstacles and even through others.

Radar was originally added to Tesla vehicles in 2014 to supplement the camera with extra data. However, the company says it’s ready to push radar into the spotlight despite some drawbacks with the technology. For example, radar sees all metal objects as reflective, and some look a lot bigger than they actually are as a result. People also look translucent when viewed with radar. To compensate for the issue Tesla’s new software will create a composite 3D picture of the environment using radar snapshots recorded 10 times per second for a more accurate reading.

In other situations, Tesla will need to rely on fleet-learning. For example, a highway with a sign hanging above a dip in the road looks like a collision course to radar. So the company will use data gathered by its entire fleet of cars to register these spots based on how human drivers handle it and eventually let autopilot take over by white-listing that particular spot as safe.

Radar has a few key advantages over a camera as well. It can bounce around cars and other objects to see what’s coming further down the road. It can also see through fog and rain, giving Tesla’s Autopilot feature another advantage over human drivers.

Version 8 of the software also adds a new feature that disables Autopilot automatically if the driver ignores repeated warnings to keep their hands on the wheel. The company says that’s a real issue as people become more comfortable with the technology, and may be the cause for some recent crashes.

Tesla’s new software is set to roll out in the next two weeks. So keep an eye out for the update if you own one of the company’s cars.