Tesla‘s made a tradition of rolling out awesome new software updates for the Model S and Model X without much warning, but a new report sheds some light on what could be the company’s biggest update yet. Tesla 8.0 is apparently set to introduce some exciting new autopilot features along with a drastically redesigned user interface, according to Electrek.

On the autopilot front, Tesla could be pushing a pretty huge change that may freak some people out. Once the update hits, your car will apparently be able to drive itself off the highway and onto an exit ramp. Just hit the turn signal button and your Tesla will do the rest of the work. The same update should also include improvements to the company’s Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Auto-steer features.

On the UI front, Tesla 8.0 could be the company’s biggest update in recent memory. Voice commands are set to get a lot better; you won’t have to hold down a button to use the feature, and a transcript of what you say will show up on the dashboard display. There’s also a redesigned map and navigation system that can reportedly help you avoid road tolls.

Tesla’s media player may get some improvement as well. Specifically, the TuneIn app could add new shortcuts for quickly finding podcasts and music. Electrek notes that there are plenty of other new features included in the 8.0 update, so there should be something for everyone once the new software hits.

The exact release date is still a mystery and Tesla 8.0 is still in beta. But, based on previous updates, it could be coming within a few weeks or at the latest within a few months.