The Tesco Hudl tablet may not be a powerhouse of an Android tablet, but it seems that there is definitely a market out there for it.

Announced last month, the Tesco Hudl tablet was scheduled to go on sale on Sept. 30, and according to the company’s CEO Phil Clarke, the the grocery store chain moved 35,000 units in the first two days.

While this is certainly not iPad numbers, it is certainly a worthy number for a company that is known for selling milk and cheese more than tablets. Going by the statement from the tweet that supplies may be limited next week, it appears that Tesco may also have not expected it to do so well.

The base price is £119 (approx. $190 USD), but can go to under £100 using Clubcard Boost. This does seem to indicate that there is a market out there for cheap tablets, especially when you consider the success Google has had with the two iterations of the Nexus 7.