Bloodborne is great and all, but the game I’ve sunk the most time into from the last half a year is Mistwalker’s Terra Battle. The free-to-play puzzle RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakguchi balances the speed and accessibility of a puzzle game with the depth of a strategy game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, and it does so without its paywall ever becoming  a nuisance.

And now it is headed for consoles. When Mistwalker set out to promote the game, they started what was goofily known as a “download starter,” a system modeled after Kickstarter stretch goals. Whenever 100,000 people downloaded the game, the company would tap a legendary JRPG figure to contribute to the game, and we’ve gotten new scenarios, new music, new art, new characters through this setup. It was a successful idea that more developers should try.

After 2 million downloads, Mistwalker promised to bring the game to consoles. Sakaguchi mentioned not too long ago that he had no idea what the console version would be like, and he still hasn’t let in on any clues in the brief announcement.

“We are truly humbled to see Terra Battle achieve this milestone. As every player download expanded both the scope of our game and our imagination to create a richer experience for the fans. With the console game of Terra Battle underway and the next phase of the Download Starter campaign in motion, we are eager to see how the game will evolve in the coming months.”

Mistwalker is holding an event within the game to celebrate, giving fans an energy everyday from April 30 to May 4. I recently stopped playing Terra Battle because I was becoming a bit of an addict, but I would really like to see where the console version goes. The game stars a large cast of characters and a unique and beautiful science fiction world.

Whether it plays out in a 3D world or just a bigger version for bigger screens, I’ll be pleased. Hironobu Sakaguchi bringing his talents back to consoles is a win for everybody. You can check out my Terra Battle review as well.