Like a flash in a pan, Terra Battle 2 will be pulled from online outlets in the North American market on Sept. 3. Mistwalker’s highly anticipated free-to-play sequel failed to secure the same enthusiasm as the original game, and given that it has only been available in English for nine months, the abrupt cancellation has caught many players off-guard.

According to Mistwalker, the sequel is being pulled because the team can’t offer the level of quality that it feels its fans deserve. Even if the art and music were met with the same universal praise as the first game, fans rallied against several important and new gameplay mechanics, such as Terra Battle 2’s implementation of a world map.

The cancellation has been met with varied replies. Naturally, there are those sociopaths that are happy because they flat out hate freemium games, even if they don’t play them, and just want to see their fans suffer. Then there are those who felt that Terra Battle 2 didn’t live up to the original game, and they would rather see the superior original supported in favor of a mediocre follow-up. And, finally, there are those who played and enjoyed the sequel who are now angry that the money they might have sunk into the game no longer retains its value.

I fall into none of these because I didn’t even realize it was released in English! When did this happen? Must have been when I was getting ready for fatherhood… or too busy playing the original Terra Battle.

No matter how you spin it, the fact is that online games are not a permanent fixture and will shut down once their publishers deem them to not be financially viable anymore.

What about Terra Battle?

While the sequel might have suffered from release, the original Terra Battle still seems to be going strong. The game just wrapped up a Final Fantasy XV collaboration event with Square Enix, in which Noctis was introduced as a playable character, and Mistwalker still updates with regular bonuses and smaller events.

And personally, I just crossed 400 login days! Not consecutive, of course, but I have my spurts when it’s the only game I want to play.

The day that Terra Battle gets taken down will be a sad one, indeed. When the gaming world loses its gorgeous art, its fantastic music score, and it’s dreamlike storytelling, it will have lost something truly special that only a fraction of its potential audience ever bothered to check out.

JRPG fans, this is the one you want to play! I’ve highlighted this many times, and the limited lifespan of its sequel shows that the game can’t go on without your support.

I know a lot of gamers like to poo-poo freemium mobile games just because of their pay model and the fact that they see them as something lesser. However, Terra Battle was the game that pulled me away of that line of thinking, and hopefully, my endless rantings and ravings about it here on TechnoBuffalo will convince a few, if not more, converts to give it a genuine chance.

In the meantime, even though Terra Battle 2 didn’t work out, Mistwalker is continuing development on its franchise, hopefully scoring a better hit with the following game. I always felt Terra Battle 2 was somewhat unnecessary and hoped against hope that Mistwalker would make the leap to traditional consoles. Even a generic PS Vita dungeon crawler would have been nice!

We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, go play some Terra Battle! It’ll be good for you.