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The continued dominance of Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy lineup means other OEMs are enduring sharp declines. Via DigiTimes, industry observers feel marketshare for struggling Android manufacturers, including HTC, LG and Huawei will "result in significant changes" come next year, even with the three companies at the top of their games. The HTC One was a major standout in 2013, but sales have allegedly been flat since launching in March. It's even worse for competitors.

According to the supposed industry observers, LG grossly underestimated the power of changing button placement, with its G2 flagship underperforming worldwide. The company allegedly projected selling 10 million units this year, but only managed to sell two million units worldwide. The poor sales are partly being blamed on the Nexus 5, which launched not long after the G2 officially became available. The Galaxy S4, HTC One, Moto X and many other terrific Android handsets were already on the market as well.

Meanwhile, Huawei hoped to sell 10 million Ascend P6 units, but has only just surpassed the three million mark. Better than LG, but not by much, especially when you haven't even reached half of your target. These slip ups, you imagine, will only be Samsung's (and Apple's) gain as both continue to march on toward market share dominance. No company is close to either of these mobile giants, and that gap may widen even further in 2014. And now that Apple has struck a deal with China Mobile? Up goes market share.

It's not like any of the three companies mentioned by DigiTimes are making bad devices. It's just that the mindshare and marketing power of competing companies are difficult obstacles to overcome. How many smartphone owners whose upgrades are available in 2014 will be looking forward to the next Huawei device? Not many. And there's no reason to believe it won't stay that way in the months to come.