Many in the U.S. are in the similar situation as my colleague in New York who decided to hop upon the iPad boat and make the investment.  They've made their decision, verified their financial situation but one obstacle is still in the way between life as they know it, and happiness; store stock.

Apple Retail Stores all over the U.S. are turning down customers because of the lack of store stock.  The iPad is selling like hotcakes and shipments are slowly trickling onto store shelves.  Evidently, Apple is having trouble providing to the masses.

Employees are telling customers that they don't know when more devices are coming in, but rather telling them to check back a few days.  With so few iPads coming in, they're ought to sell out quick.  Fortunately, there is one trick many don't know they can do to guarantee themselves an iPad for when it comes back in stock at their local Apple Retail Store.

If your iPad hunt leads you into this situation, you can tell an Apple Store employee to reserve an iPad for when it comes back in stock.  In a Betanews report, one reporter said it was "No problem. An Apple Store employee took my name to reserve one for whenever more shipped in,"  and when more comes, an email will be sent to notify the customer and they will have one day to pick it up, or it will be sold to the general public.

In this CNET article, a reporter asked, "Am I locked in to buy once I sign up?"  The response was, "Nope. We just tell you when it's here and you have a day to pick it up."

So if you desire to have an iPad and your store is out of stock, be sure to check out this route to avoid the next shipment being sold out, again.