Telltale announced on their official blog yesterday that their excellent Walking Dead series will be hitting all iThings this Thursday, July 26. The first episode, 'A New Day,' will debut for $4.99, with options to purchase future episodes individually or as a package deal for $14.99 for episodes 2-5.

Telltale didn't just dump the PC version over with some layered buttons, either:

We've spent a great deal of time carefully integrating our new interface design to create an even more intuitive experience… You'll have full character control of Lee Everett as investigation points, actions, dialogue and decision making flows onscreen and is seamlessly integrated with the environments.

Telltale also details just which devices the dead will walk on, specifically mentioning the two most recent iterations of the iPad and iPhone, as well as 4th Gen iPods and later. In an update to the post, it was clarified that Walking Dead will be a universal app; no special tax for extra crisp high-def zombies.

Telltale is working hard to almost single-handedly keep the adventure genre alive, and Walking Dead is, so far, the best yet. If you didn't pick it up on Xbox Live or during the Steam sale last week, here's your chance!

We loved the first two episodes; you can read our reviews here and here.

[via Telltale Blog]