If there is anything that Game of Thrones fans are good at, it is waiting. Waiting for ice zombies, waiting for winter, waiting for dragons, just waiting for the end of this whole tale. Well, they'll have to wait for the end of Telltale's interpretation for quite some time as well with reports indicating that the deal lasts for multiple years.

Telltale's adaptation of the popular HBO show has been described by the game studio as a "multi-year, multi-title partnership."

Co-founder and CEO of Telltale Games Dan Connors explains:

"Since the very beginning, Telltale's goal has been to work alongside the most talented and respected forces in entertainment, bringing their worlds to the interactive space as no other game studio can…Working with HBO to develop a new game series based on Game of Thrones is a natural fit for our studio. This partnership will create an experience that will captivate the huge, global Game of Thrones audience. It will put them in control of the epic stories of warfare, intrigue, violence and revenge that we know and love."

A multi-year deal could cover the length of time it takes George R.R. Martin to write one book, so who knows really? Maybe Telltale will get around to actually finishing A Song of Ice and Fire before he does.

The announcement of Telltale's Game of Thrones series was confirmed at the VGX Awards over the weekend, but no specific platforms have been mentioned yet. No doubt, it will see a wide release on just about every device known to man, much like The Walking Dead did.