Telltale is back yet again with another season of The Walking Dead. Like a zombie that just won’t stay down, the popular studio is bringing back the franchise for a third season due for release later this year.

Speaking with Mashable, Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner spells out how his company plans to improve from the previous entries in the series.

“From a role-playing, interactive storytelling point of view, it is not from the bag of tricks that we’ve ever shown anybody before. The way that we’re dealing with and validating and retaining all those different playthroughs is really cool and unexpected and, I think, pretty innovative from the storytelling point of view.”

Bruner also states that the game will bring in some of the bigger choices from the previous games, but not in the way that most fans are hoping for. He wouldn’t dive into specifics, though.

“How do we go back and make sure all Walking Dead fans can get in while still keeping all of our storylines going? I think where we’re landing with the story for Season 3 does a really good job of both of those things. It allows people who maybe haven’t people who maybe haven’t played [the first two seasons] to come in and get up to speed really quickly. But it definitely respects, honors and facilitates all of the various end points that Season 2 had.”

The Walking Dead: Season 3 will be released before the end of the year, and it will no doubt appear on every platform known to mankind, maybe even the Atari 2600. Currently the company is in the middle of releasing The Walking Dead: Michonne, a mini-series of only three episodes.