There’s so much variety within the consumer tech landscape these days, that it makes sense to be aware of the options. Knowing what’s available, as well as what’s coming down the road, is the only way to be an informed shopper, right?

After all, if knowledge is power, then those hard-won bleary eyes — after many a long night of drooling over hardware spec lists — could be considered a badge of honor. The real prize, though, is the stunning device that lands in your hands, the end product of days, weeks, even months of research. And you adore that gadget like nothing else — that is, until the next-gen version gets leaked.

Suddenly, the shine is off your recent purchase. Now you’re back to the drawing board, searching for rumors, lusting after specs and eyeing that once-sexy, but now dull technology like it’s an old girlfriend or boyfriend who “just wants to talk.”

Sound familiar? If so, you or a loved one might be a Spec Freak. To find out for sure, see if one or more of these scenarios hits home:

  • You size people up based on whether they know what a processor chip is or not.
  • A highly spec’ed new gadget coupled with the words, “It’s not available in the U.S. yet,” sends you into flight checking mode.
  • A date’s hotness changes depending on what generation phone s/he’s carrying.
  • The mere mention of multi-cores makes you quiver.
  • You’ve thought about giving blood, just to help pay for some bleeding-edge tech. (And no, you don’t get the irony of that.)
  • You’ll happily plunk down a paycheck on a new device, even if there’s only, like, two apps available for it.
  • You can spot a Retina Display, Super AMOLED and WVGA on sight.
  • Devices are either hot or total garbage in your eyes, making you either salivate incessantly over it, or want to punch it in the nads (if it had nads).
  • You’ve sold so many devices that when you’re offline for a day, Craigslist and eBay wonder where you are. (Who are we kidding? You’re never offline).
  • You can spout off from memory the RAM, processing speed, ports and display res of at least three droolworthy gadgets — and none of them have been announced yet.

So how many of these did you identify? Tell us how you scored in the comments below.