Back to the Future

Telltale is pretty famous in the gaming space for creating excellent spins on some of history's most popular intellectual properties: Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park. For all the praise it gets for its creativity though, one thing missing from the studio's resume is a dependable original IP. To date, Telltale Texas Hold'Em, its debut title, is the only game it has developed with original characters, but all that is about to change.

In a report from Gamasutra, Telltale's new CEO Kevin Bruner is dead set on the "right direction for the company."

"We're looking at the next growth phase for Telltale — we're 240 people now, and we continue to have an opportunity to do great things and grow the company."

Part of this right direction is evolving games into "interactive scripted entertainment" and putting "a lot of energy" into making new IPs.

Yes, between its already meaty line-up of The Walking Dead, Minecraft, Game of Thrones and Borderlands, Telltale is also hard at work and putting "a lot of energy" into its own IP. You really have to wonder how much sleep these employees get sometimes!

Bruner is one of Telltale's co-founders, and he is taking over leadership from former CEO and co-founder Dan Connors, who will remain on the board of directors as an "executive adviser." Both plan on taking Telltale's progress to the next level by not only building its own franchises but also by expanding into more gaming realms and continuing to work with the best Hollywood level talent.

Good because we are all still waiting for that Star Wars adventure game, Mr. Bruner!