The Walking Dead Season 2

Man, iOS 9 and mobile games just don't get along very well, do they? The past week has seen several high profile games pulled from the App Store with companies citing compatibility issues with the latest firmware update. First it was 2K Games pulling BioShock, then it was Capcom removing Ghost Trick from purchase histories, and now Telltale has gone ahead and removed nearly every single one of its games.

The Walking Dead is of course the bread and butter of Telltale's library, but it is currently not listed. Joining it in playing hooky are also Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, Monkey Island, Jurassic Park, Sam and Max, and the Puzzle Agent games. Wow, that's a whole lot of updating Telltale Games needs to do, which, of course, it says will only be a matter of time.

If you are running iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad, we are aware of an issue that causes missing sound or causes the game to freeze during connection, or crash. Our team is currently investigating this issue, and we hope to have more information in the near future.

Currently, downgrading to a previous iOS version, such as iOS 8.4, will resolve the issue. We thank you for your patience while we look further into this issue.

UPDATE: During the investigation, we will be temporarily removing the affected apps from the App Store while we work to resolve these issues.

Unlike BioShock and Ghost Trick, you'll still be able to re-download all of the mentioned games, except for the Puzzle Agent titles.

All parties involved, including 2K Games and Capcom, have stressed that they are looking for solutions to put the games back up online, but is this really what we want from the future of mobile games? To have our games vanish on us as operating systems begin to rotate in and out faster? I guess I'm just a dedicated hardware kind of guy, but I like knowing my games are there whenever I want to play them.

I'll stick to my Nintendo and Sony handhelds as long as they are making them, which might not be for very long actually.