This is not an April Fool's joke, as the email from Telltale told us. The company is now offering the first episode, in the five episode Back to the Future series they're currently releasing, for free. The folks from Telltale hope that players will get a taste of the first in the series and sign up for the entire deal.

Here's a chunk of the email that details the offering:

There might not be any such thing as a free lunch, but there is such thing as a free game. We're making the complete first episode of the new Back to the Future game series free-for-all on PC and Mac! Yes, free as in gratis, libre, kostenlos — for everyone — at

Marty McFly and Doc Brown's adventures continue in the game, with a completely new story created in collaboration with the film trilogy's co-creator and co-writer Bob Gale. In Episode 1 "It's About Time," Marty is just getting re-acquainted with the 1980's when he finds out that Doc Brown is trapped somewhere in the past; and that he must travel back in time to save the Doc's future! The story continues over 5 episodes, with new games releasing monthly. The third episode, "Citizen Brown," released for PC and Mac earlier this week.

After getting a taste of the first game, players can then get the full 5-game series for just $24.99!

If you've never played a point and click adventure game from Telltale, you may be wondering what you're in for. The company is known for crafting brilliantly written adventures. Players will explore the environments around them by using their mouse and keyboard to move the character around and interact with objects on screen. You won't be timing your jumps, shooting at bad guys or racing the Delorean; instead, you'll be put in a situation where you'll need to put a few concepts together in order to progress the story.

And that's the prime attraction to the Back to the Future series… the story. This takes place within the Back to the Future universe with realized versions of your favorite characters from the flicks. Each episode runs around two hours, so far, and the entire package tells canon that falls directly in line with BTTF lore.

If you've been holding off, now's your chance. Get the first for free and then consider diving in for the rest for $24.99.