Telltale's first Batman episode only just released, but that's not all they have on the burner, it seems.

The publisher updated their social media portals with a video promoting a messaging app from E Corp. If you're already watching Mr. Robot, now in its second season, you know E Corp as the megacorporation that main character Elliott Alderson and his compatriots at F Society were trying to take down in the first season to ease the debt plaguing the modern world.

The video says the app is coming this August to Android and iOS. OXENFREE developer Night School got in on the action, adding the following:

What this app is, whether it's some sort of Alternate Reality Game, or an actual game, or something else, is unknown, but they'd really like it if you'd follow ecorpmessaging on Twitter to find out more.

Personally, I hope there's an actual game here, and I hope Night School is involved. OXENFREE had some genuinely great dialogue, and Mr. Robot is easily one of my favorite shows on TV thanks to realistic handling of tech and sharp psychological drama.

Hopefully we'll know more about what Telltale, Night School, and Mr. Robot have planned soon.