James Bond featured

It seems like just about every week Telltale is picking up a new property that has everyone talking. In just the last couple years they've taken on The Walking Dead, Fables, Borderlands and the upcoming Game of Thrones. They've got their hands full.

When OXM asked Telltale's Chief Technology Officer Kevin Bruner about his fantasy license, though, he didn't hesitate before choosing the License to Kill: James Bond and the 007 property.

"I'm a giant James Bond fan and I'm always frustrated by  games that make him a mass murderer. He's a super-spy, and that's a different skillset," Bruner says, adding that he kills far less in the movies and books upon which games are based.

As a longtime Bond fan, even the idea of this – because there's really nothing but fantasizing going on here – has me excited. There are possibilities for both the 007 franchise and Telltale games to grow in all kinds of ways. I can see adaptations of Bond stories that don't fit the silver screen playing really well in Telltale's hands. I can imagine Telltale playing a lot with not only the decisions Bond has to make from moment to moment but also with the gadgets that end up his hands and the villains he comes up against.

Now that his desire is out there and Telltale is growing and picking up bigger licenses, maybe word will make its way back to the people with the right signatures. It's unlikely, but we can hope.