The comic book industry is seeing another injection of video game attention from the minds over at Telltale Games. Telltale is the developer responsible for solid point-and-click adventures like Sam & Max, Strongbad's Cool Game for Attractive People and the most recent Back to the Future series. Their stories are episodic, toony and riddled with comedic gold.

Now Telltale is developing two new episodic games for both The Walking Dead and Fables comic series. The Walking Dead comes from Image Comics, and independent publisher, and Fables comes from Vertigo, a subsidiary of DC. Both series are lauded with critical praise and a die-hard fanbase. And, at least according to me, the consistently present some of the best artwork available today. In fact, I'll say that Fables deserves a nod for consistently amazing monthly cover art.

This news comes from a brief interview with eMoney. Readers won't find any specifics regarding physical gameplay, who's writing the projects or release dates… just know that the games are coming.

Telltale will likely stay true to form and keep these adventures point-and-click. For Fables, this should work just fine. The series is, on a generic level, about a detective. Players could potentially take on the role of Bigby, the detective in the Fables universe. Yes, he's the Big Bad Wolf made to look human. If you haven't read the series, I do suggest you pick it up in trades. There are a ton of books available, each of them gorgeous.

The Walking Dead, however, could be action-packed if done in game form. It's arguable that the franchise is more about human interaction than killing zombies, but beyond just collecting goods to survive, we can't figure how that series would translate into an enjoyable adventure game. That's okay, we trust Telltale.

One thing that absolutely must be retained is the art style. Call me crazy, but I don't want to see Fables done up all cartoon-like.

[via MTV Multiplayer]