Secure instant messaging service Telegram started receiving a much-requested update in Europe earlier today, bringing users the ability to place and receive end-to-end encrypted calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

In the hope of delivering unbeatable call quality, the firm is using artificial intelligence to analyze network information, like signal strength, ping times and packet loss percentage, to actively optimize each call.

“According to our tests, Telegram Calls are already superior to any of our competitors on comparable connections,” writes Telegram. “But the quality of Telegram Calls will further improve as you and others use them, thanks to the built-in machine learning.”

Like WhatsApp, Telegram also offers users the option to activate a “low data” mode; stripping back call quality to save precious data (as much as 30 percent).

Circling back to security, Telegram Calls uses the same end-to-end encryption method that debuted alongside Secret Chats back in 2013. However, instead of pairing lengthy codes, participants can compare four emoji to ensure a call is encrypted.

But what about other regions?

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when Telegram will distribute the upgrade in other regions, but the firm did reveal that it’s on the way — so stay tuned, as we’ll let you know as soon as it starts making the rounds.